The whole world's got the eyes on you

I walked into a second-hand record shop near where I live in Paris and the guy behind the counter was playing this song. At first I thought perharps it was some obscure Alan Vega track that'd never heard before but after enquiring I found it to be the work of The Legenday Tigerman. Needless to say, I bought the record on the spot. The sleeve provided little information beyond the fact that he was portuguese and liked being photographed around naked women. Later that same year I caught him playing a tiny bar in Austin, Texas during the South By South West festival. I wondered how his band were all going to fit on the minuscle stage. I needn't have worried: it turned out tha t he was a one-man band! He sat behind a rudimentary drum kit and plyed guitar and sang at the same time - it sounded great: properly basic, primitive rock'n'roll. Legend! 

Jarvis Cocker (Music from Jarvis Cocker's Sunday Service)

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